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No mere furcifer but a... - verbum semicotidianum latinum

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trĭ-furcĭfer , ĕri, m. [id.] ,

What is a furcifer? One who deserves to be punished with the...

 furca , ae, f. [Sanscr. bhur-ig, shears; cf. Lat. forceps, forfex; also Gr. pharos, plough; Lat. forāre; Engl. bore, Curt. Gr. Etym. p. 299 ; but Corss. refers furca to root dhar-,=fero, as a prop. support; v. Ausspr. 1, 149] ,

    I. a two-pronged fork.
    II. Transf., of things shaped like a fork.
      D. A fork-shaped yoke in which young bullocks were put to be tamed, Varr. R. R. 1, 20, 2.--
      E. Furcae cancrorum, the claws of a crab, App. Mag. p. 297. --
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