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verbum semicotidianum latinum

Latin Word of the Day

Latin Word of the Day
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In this community, we share interesting and unusual words that we find in the course of reading and studying Latin. I ask that each word have a definition and/or link to a definition (such as may be found at The Perseus Project).

This is not a forum to seek help on assignments, as other communities serve that function.
These include latin, wheelocks_latin and possibly others. The participants of latin_lovers are unlikely to help you with your Latin homework, but could possibly be of assistance in comprehending several dialects of Latin's Iberian descendants spoken in the Americas.

As a matter of courtesy, and so that this community may serve its intended function for logophiles of latinity, I ask that every post include a Latin word with a definition, however brief. All other content of the post I leave to your discretion, withn the most broadly drawn boundaries of civil discourse.

Welcome, and enjoy!